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Push and Pull (Kindergarten)

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Push and Pull

Soccer Ball
It was a sunny day outside. Carter and Callie went to play outside.

Carter saw a soccer ball on the ground.

"I can use force to make this ball move," said Carter. "I will push the ball with a kick."

Carter stepped up to the ball. He kicked it. It did not go very far.

"I have to use more force," said Carter.

He kicked the ball harder. It went very far. The ball bumped into Callie.

Callie was standing by a little red wagon.

"I can use force too," said Callie. "I will use force by pulling this little red wagon."

Callie pulled on the wagon, but it did not move.

"I need more strength to pull the wagon," Callie said.

Carter walked over to the wagon. He grabbed the handle. Carter and Callie pulled the wagon together.

"I pushed the soccer ball and it moved," said Carter.

"We pulled the wagon and it moved," said Callie.

"It is fun to push and pull," Carter and Callie said.
What did Carter do to the ball?
  1. He pulled it.
  2. He pushed it.
  3. He picked it up.
What did Callie do to the wagon?
  1. She pulled it.
  2. She pushed it.
  3. She rode inside it.
Carter kicked the ball. It did not go very far. Carter had to use more
  1. pull.
  2. shoe.
  3. force.
The wagon would not move. Callie needed more
  1. energy.
  2. wheels.
  3. strength.
Carter and Callie pulled the wagon. What happened to the wagon?
  1. It moved.
  2. It stood still.
  3. It tipped over.
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