This printable supports Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Idea PS3.B and K-PS3-1.

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Sunlight on Earth’s Surface (Kindergarten)

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Sunlight on Earth’s Surface

Instructions: Summer - Sun - Small Answer the questions about sunlight and the Earth's surface.

Sunlight                 Earth's surface.
  1. cools
  2. warms
A rock sitting in shade should feel                 than a rock sitting in sunlight.
  1. cooler
  2. warmer
Ava pours a glass of water. She feels the water and decides it feels cool. Ava then places the water in a sunny spot. She lets the glass sit in the Sun for five hours. Ava then feels the water temperature again.

How should the temperature of the water feel to Ava?
  1. The water should feel cooler.
  2. The water should feel warmer.
  3. The water should feel the same.
Three boxes of the same type of soil were placed outside. The table shows the number of hours of sunlight that fell on each box of soil.
Hours of

Which box of soil should feel warmest to the touch?
  1. Box A
  2. Box B
  3. Box C
There are two sandy beaches, Long Beach and Short Beach. Both beaches have the same type of sand. Sunlight shines on Long Beach all day. Clouds cover the Sun and block the sunlight at Short Beach all day.

How should the temperature of the sand at Short Beach feel?
  1. It should feel cooler than the sand at Long Beach.
  2. It should feel warmer than the sand at Long Beach.
  3. It should feel the same as the sand at Long Beach.

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