This printable supports Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Idea LS1.C: and K-LS1-1.

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Investigating Animal Eating Patterns (Kindergarten)

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Investigating Animal Eating Patterns

Instructions: Pictograph - MiceWhat do animals eat? Do all animals eat the same kinds of food? Do all animals need water to live?

With the help of your teacher, you will find and organize data about what different animals eat. Then, you will answer the questions about animal eating patterns.

Circle the word that completes each sentence.

I think that different kinds of animals eat THE SAME/DIFFERENT kinds of food.

I think that animals NEED/DO NOT NEED water to live.

Find out what each animal eats. Check the box if the animal eats the kind food or drinks water.

Eats PlantsEats Other AnimalsDrinks Water

Circle the words that best complete the paragraph.

SOME/ALL animals eat plants. SOME/ALL animals eat other animals. SOME/ALL animals eat both plants and other animals. But, SOME/ALL animals eat food and drink water.

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