This printable supports Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Idea ESS2.D and K-ESS2-1.

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Observing Weather Patterns (Kindergarten)

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Observing Weather Patterns

The graph shows the weather for the town of Salem. The weather is shown for one week.
Weather in Salem
Sunny DaysSummer - Sun - SmallSummer - Sun - SmallSummer - Sun - SmallSummer - Sun - SmallSummer - Sun - SmallSummer - Sun - Small
Rainy DaysFall - Umbrella - Small

Summer - Sun - Small = 1 sunny day Fall - Umbrella - Small = 1 rainy day

Which word best describes the weather in Salem for the week?
  1. rainy
  2. windy
  3. sunny
  4. cloudy
Max goes outside in the morning and afternoon to feel how warm it is. He checks again at night. He writes his observations in the table.
7:00 a.m.cooler
1:00 p.m.warmer
9:00 p.m.

Which word does Max most likely write next 9:00 p.m. in the table?
  1. cooler
  2. warmer
The graph shows the number of days it rained in April, May, and June.
Bar Graph 2
Which month was the driest?
  1. April
  2. May
  3. June
The graph shows the number of days it rained in April, May, and June.
Bar Graph 4
Which month was the rainiest?
  1. April
  2. May
  3. June
Peter fills in the pictures on his classroom's daily weather chart.
Weather Chart
Weather Is:

Summer - Sun - Small = sunny Fall - Umbrella - Small = rainy Fall - Tree - Small = windy Winter - Tree - Small = snowy
He looks out the window. The tree branches are moving back and forth. Gray clouds cover the sky. Rain falls from the clouds. Which set of pictures should Peter use to fill in the weather chart?
  1. Winter - Tree - SmallFall - Umbrella - Small
  2. Fall - Tree - Small Summer - Sun - Small
  3. Summer - Sun - SmallWinter - Tree - Small
  4. Fall - Umbrella - SmallFall - Tree - Small

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