This printable supports Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Idea PS4.A and NGSS 1-PS4-1.

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Sound and Matter (Grade 1)

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Sound and Matter

Lyla is playing the guitar. She strums the strings of the guitar while she plays a song. What happens when Lyla strums the guitar strings?
Instrument - Acoustic Guitar
  1. The strings vibrate.
  2. The strings light up.
Kaleb and Trevor are doing a science experiment. They place a piece of paper on top of a speaker. They will then turn on the speaker and play music. Kaleb thinks the paper will not move when the speaker is turned on. Trevor thinks the paper will move back and forth or bounce when the music is turned on. Who is most likely correct?
  1. Kaleb
  2. Trevor
Dylan plays the drum. He hits the top of the drum with the sticks. The top of the drum vibrates. What does the vibrating drum make?
Instrument - Snare Drum
  1. light
  2. sound
Declan wants to play a note on the trumpet. What should he do to play a note?
Instrument - Trumpet
  1. Hit the top.
  2. Blow into it.
  3. Pluck the strings.
Angie holds one end of a ruler on a table. She pushes down on the other end of the ruler. She then lets it go. What should Angie observe?
Inches 0-6 Halves
  1. The ruler vibrates and makes sound.
  2. The ruler does not vibrate or make sound.
  3. The ruler vibrates, but does not make sound.
  4. The ruler does not vibrate, but does make sound.

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