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Pushes and Pulls (Kindergarten)

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Pushes and Pulls

What force do you use to move a shopping cart forward?
  1. push
  2. pull
What kind of force do you use to lift a box?
  1. push
  2. pull
What could you change the shape of by pushing?
  1. sand castle
  2. glass cup
  3. rock
  4. metal toy car
What would be a good way to speed up on a slide?
  1. Hold onto the sides.
  2. Wear slippery clothes.
  3. Put your feet down.
  4. Go backwards.
What would be a good way to slow down a bicycle?
  1. Drag your feet along the ground.
  2. Pedal faster.
  3. Ask someone to give you a push.
  4. Go down a hill.
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