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Writing Skills - Recognizing a Thesis (Grades 11-12)

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Writing Skills - Recognizing a Thesis

Which statement represents a thesis?
  1. States must determine and adopt responsible limitations on abortions.
  2. Late-term abortions result in significant emotional distress for the women undergoing the procedure.
  3. Scientists have not come to a consensus on when a fetus gains the status of a full-fledged human.
  4. Some states have enacted laws limiting the terms under which an abortion may be performed.
Which statement represents a thesis?
  1. Affirmative action offers low-income students a chance to obtain a quality college education.
  2. Many states have adopted legislation to preserve some of the tenets of affirmative action.
  3. Despite the appearance of relative equality due to affirmative action, serious inequalities still remain.
  4. Republicans and Democrats are divided when it comes to affirmative action.
Which statement best represents a thesis?
  1. Sending a child to public school costs twice as much as private school.
  2. Parents who send their children to private school should not have to pay for public education.
  3. The amount the average household contributes to education varies by municipality.
  4. Many private schools offer scholarships to offset the cost of tuition, but there are not enough scholarships to go around.
Which statement represents a thesis?
  1. This paper will focus on the role of nurses during the Civil War.
  2. Nurses played a significant role during the Civil War, saving the lives of countless soldiers on both sides.
  3. Many nurses in the Civil War were the wives and sisters of the soldiers who fought in battle.
  4. The gruesome sights and personal relationship with many of the soldiers caused emotional strife for nurses.
Which statement represents a thesis?
  1. In this paper, I will discuss the negative effects of plastic rings on the environment.
  2. Should soda manufacturers be banned from using plastic rings as part of their packaging?
  3. Despite efforts to educate the public about plastic rings, millions of fish and other wildlife die every year because of their use.
  4. Reducing or eliminating the use of plastic rings in packaging will have a significant impact on ocean life.
Which statement represents a thesis?
  1. Fuel costs have continued to rise.
  2. Do rising fuel costs contribute to an increase in the purchase of hybrid vehicles?
  3. As fuel costs continue to rise, more consumers will turn to hybrid vehicles as a way to save money and help the environment.
  4. Hybrid vehicles use less fuel than vehicles with a standard gasoline-powered engine.
Which statement represents a thesis?
  1. Countries such as England and Canada have already adopted nationalized healthcare programs.
  2. To help improve the health of Americans, the United States must adopt a nationalized healthcare program.
  3. Canadian citizens often cite problems with scheduling appointments and non-essential procedures.
  4. Currently, Americans can purchase insurance through state-sponsored private insurance systems.
Which statement represents a thesis?
  1. The size of a class has a direct impact on student achievement, with larger class sizes producing more negative results.
  2. The average class size in high schools across the United States is 25 students.
  3. In this paper, I will discuss the effects of class size on student performance.
  4. Classrooms with more than 25 students require more time and effort on the part of the instructor, making it difficult to offer attention to individual students.
Which statement represents a thesis?
  1. What factors have lead to such a significant increase in the cost of attending college?
  2. Today, the average student takes out over $30,000 in loans to cover the cost of tuition.
  3. Federal programs offer some tuition assistance to low-income individuals, but this assistance often isn't enough.
  4. The federal government should increase the amount of tuition assistance it offers to students to help cover the rising costs of tuition.
Which statement represents a thesis?
  1. High schools should consider the general biological functions of teenagers when setting a start time.
  2. Scientists have discovered that many teenagers are unable to function at normal cognitive levels before 9 a.m.
  3. What time should school start in order to maximize the effectiveness of the instruction students receive?
  4. A.W. East High School experimented with a 9:30 a.m. start time and found it had a significant impact on student achievement.

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