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Summer Olympics Sports Quiz (Grade 5)

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Summer Olympics Sports Quiz

Instructions: Read each description. Choose the sport that best fits the description.

This sport involves shooting an arrow at a target.
  1. archery
  2. badminton
  3. equestrian
  4. shooting
This sport is a combat sport that is considered a martial art.
  1. boxing
  2. judo
  3. rugby
  4. triathlon
This sport is played on a walled court where a team of players pass a ball around using their hands.
  1. basketball
  2. football
  3. handball
  4. softball
This sport involves fighting with swords.
  1. archery
  2. boxing
  3. fencing
  4. judo
This sport involves a team of swimmers moving to a preset routine.
  1. diving
  2. swimming
  3. synchronized swimming
  4. water polo
This sport involves players using hooked sticks to get a ball into a goal.
  1. field hockey
  2. rugby sevens
  3. table tennis
  4. water polo
This sport involves using special equipment, including the vault and balance beam.
  1. diving
  2. gymnastics
  3. taekwondo
  4. wrestling
This sport involves using a racket to hit a shuttlecock over a net.
  1. archery
  2. badminton
  3. table tennis
  4. water polo
This sport is actually a contest comprised of five events, including swimming and shooting.
  1. diving
  2. pentathlon
  3. track and field
  4. triathlon
This sport involves boats and events called sculls.
  1. diving
  2. rowing
  3. sailing
  4. water polo
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