The Swings (Kindergarten)

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The Swings

Kayla's dad took her to the park. When they got to the park, Kayla ran to her favorite thing at the park - the swings. She sat down on the swing.

"Daddy, push me please," Kayla said.

Kayla's dad gave her a small push. Kayla did not move very much.

"Daddy, give me a bigger push," Kayla said.

Kayla's dad gave her a bigger push. Kayla moved a little faster on the swing.

"Daddy, that's still not fast enough," Kayla said. "Give me a giant push."

Kayla's dad stepped back. He put his hands out in front of him. Then he pushed Kayla really hard and ran under the swing.

"Whee!" Kayla said.

Kayla's dad kept pushing her. She went faster and higher. Soon Kayla decided she was going too fast.

"Daddy, slow the swing down please."

Kayla's dad grabbed the chains. He gave them a big pull. Soon the swing came to a stop.

"Thanks, Daddy," Kayla said. "That was a lot of fun."
Where did Kayla and her dad go?
  1. the zoo
  2. the park
  3. the store
What was Kayla's favorite thing at the park?
  1. the slides
  2. the bridge
  3. the swings
Kayla's dad gave her a little push. What happened?
  1. She barely moved.
  2. She went very fast.
  3. She stopped moving.
Kayla's dad gave her a big push. What happened?
  1. She went faster.
  2. She went slower.
  3. She spun in a circle.
Kayla wanted to stop. What did her dad do?
  1. He pulled on the chains.
  2. He told the swing to stop.
  3. He stopped pushing Kayla.

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