The Bumper Cars (Kindergarten)

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The Bumper Cars

Jill and her family went to the fair. At the fair, Jill saw a sign for the bumper cars.

"Oh, I love the bumper cars," Jill said. "Can we please go on them?"

Jill's dad bought the tickets. Then Jill, her dad, and her brother got on the bumper cars.

"Get ready to be bumped!" Jill's brother said as he buckled his seat belt.

The ride started. Jill pressed the gas pedal. Her car went forward. Then Jill's brother came up behind her. His car bumped Jill's car. The push from her brother's car caused Jill's car to turn to the left.

"Hey!" exclaimed Jill. "I'm going to get you for that."

Jill pressed the gas pedal again. She didn't get very far before her dad's car bumped into hers. The push from her dad's car caused Jill's car to spin around.

"Hey!" exclaimed Jill. "Now I'm going backwards."

"Sorry," her dad said, but he was laughing.

Jill pressed the gas pedal again. She spotted her brother. She turned the steering wheel and headed straight toward him.

Right before she reached him, another car bumped into Jill. The push made Jill's car go in a different direction. Jill steered the car to get it to go the right direction again. She pressed the gas.

BAM! Jill bumped into her brother's car. The push made her brother's car turn and run into the wall.

"I got you back!" Jill exclaimed.

Then Jill felt a car bump her from behind. The push from the bump made her car turn and bump into her brother's car.

"I got you both," Jill's dad said, laughing.

After that, the ride ended and they all got out of their cars.

"That was fun. Can we go again?" Jill asked, excitedly.
What ride did Jill want to go on?
  1. the bumper cars
  2. the roller coaster
  3. the spinning turtles
What happened when Jill's brother bumped into her car?
  1. Jill's car turned.
  2. Jill's car went faster.
  3. Jill's brother had to get off the ride.
What happened when Jill's dad bumped into her car?
  1. Jill's car stopped.
  2. Jill's car spun around.
  3. Jill's car continued going straight.
Why did Jill's brother's car hit the wall?
  1. Jill's car pushed his car.
  2. His car was going to fast.
  3. He wanted to make it stop.
What happened when Jill's dad bumped into her at the end of the story?
  1. Jill started to cry.
  2. He got out of his car.
  3. He made two cars move.
What did Jill want to do at the end of the story?
  1. get something to eat
  2. go on the roller coaster
  3. ride the bumper cars again

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