A Sunny Day at the Beach (Kindergarten)

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A Sunny Day at the Beach

It was a bright, sunny day. It was the perfect day for a trip to the beach. There was just one problem - it was very hot.

Zoe was at the beach with her mom and dad. She was having fun at the beach, but she was very hot.

"Mom, why is it so hot at the beach?" Zoe asked.

"Because it's a sunny day," Zoe's mom said. "The sun has a lot of energy. One way that energy comes to Earth is in the form of heat."

Zoe thought it was neat that the heat came from the sun, but she wished it wasn't so hot.

"Is there a way to make it a little less hot?" Zoe asked her mother.

"I guess you just need to find a way to block the sun," Zoe's mother said.

Zoe looked around on the beach. She saw her towel.

"Maybe if I put my towel over my head, I won't feel so hot," Zoe thought.

She grabbed her towel and put it over her head. It worked, but she couldn't see anything else.

Zoe took the towel off her head. She looked around the beach again. She saw a few large sticks. Zoe placed the sticks in the sand. She laid the towel on top of them. Then Zoe slid under her towel.

"This is much better," Zoe said. She sat under her towel and watched the other people on the beach.

"What are you doing?" Zoe's dad asked when he came out of the water.

"I'm trying to keep away some of the heat from the sun," Zoe said.

"Clever idea," Zoe's dad said, "but I have an even better one."

Zoe's dad went over to their items. He picked up a long pole and set it in the ground. Then he pressed a button on the pole and an umbrella popped out of it.

"Here," Zoe's dad said. "Now we can all sit under the umbrella and get some relief from the heat of the sun."

Zoe thought that was the perfect idea.
Where was Zoe?
  1. at the lake
  2. at the beach
  3. at the playground
What type of day was it?
  1. windy
  2. sunny
  3. cloudy
How did Zoe feel?
  1. Zoe was hot.
  2. Zoe was tired.
  3. Zoe was excited.
Zoe asked her mom why it was so hot. What did her mom say caused it to be so hot?
  1. The weather report
  2. The heat from the sun
  3. The waves from the ocean
Zoe wanted to build a structure. Why did she want to build a structure?
  1. to keep out the rain
  2. to hide from her parents
  3. to block the heat from the sun
What did Zoe use to build her structure?
  1. a towel and sticks
  2. a blanket and buckets
  3. a shovel and a pile of sand
What did Zoe's dad suggest they use to block out some of the heat from the sun?
  1. an umbrella
  2. a heavy jacket
  3. a pair of sunglasses

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