The Little Flower (Kindergarten)

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The Little Flower

One day a little mouse was walking around the forest when he heard someone cry out for help.

"I wonder who needs help," the little mouse thought.

He looked around, but he didn't see anyone else in the forest.

"Help! Help!" the voice called out again.

The little mouse looked around again and realized the voice belonged to a little flower.

"What's the matter little flower?" the little mouse asked.

"Those big leaves are blocking out the sunlight. I can't get enough light," the little flower said.

"I'm sure they'll move eventually," the little mouse said.

"No, you don't understand," the little flower said. "I need the light. If I don't get enough, I will die. Plants like me need light to survive."

"Oh no!" said the little mouse.

He moved the leaves so the sunlight could reach the little flower.

"Now you will get enough light," the little mouse said.

"Thank you for helping me," the little flower said.

She smiled as the warmth from the sunlight began to hit her leaves.
Where did the story take place?
  1. in the city
  2. on the farm
  3. in the forest
What was the problem?
  1. The little flower was sad.
  2. The little flower had to sneeze.
  3. The little flower could not get any light.
What would happen if the little flower did not get light?
  1. It would die.
  2. It would get cold.
  3. It would have to move.
Why do plants like the little flower need light?
  1. to eat
  2. to survive
  3. to keep warm
How did the little mouse solve the problem?
  1. He turned on a lamp.
  2. He moved the leaves.
  3. He asked the sun to move.

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