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What's for Dinner? (Kindergarten)

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What's for Dinner?

"Little Fox! Little Fox! It's time to come in for dinner," Little Fox's mother called out.

Little Fox was playing in the woods with his friends.

"Hurray! It's dinnertime," Little Fox said. "I hope we have fish stew tonight!"

"Ew! I don't like fish stew," said Little Fox's friend, Little Deer. "I hope we have a nice berry salad for dinner tonight."

Both Little Fox and Little Deer headed home to eat dinner.

Little Fox went inside. He sat down at the dinner table. His mother put a bowl of hot fish stew in front of him.

"My favorite!" Little Fox said. "Little Deer said he was going to have a berry salad tonight. I'm glad I don't have to eat that."

"All animals need food to survive. However, animals eat different types of food," said Little Fox's mother.

"So some animals don't eat fish stew?" Little Fox asked.

"Every animal needs different types of food to survive," Little Fox's mother explained. "Some animals eat meats like fish and rabbit. Other animals just eat plants or parts of plants. For example, many animals like berries and seeds."

Little Fox finished his fish stew. Then he raced outside to find Little Deer. He wanted to tell him all he learned about what animals eat.
Why did Little Fox have to go inside?
  1. It was dark.
  2. It was raining outside.
  3. It was time for dinner.
What did Little Fox have for dinner?
  1. fish stew
  2. berry salad
  3. lamb chops
What did Little Deer want for dinner?
  1. fish stew
  2. berry salad
  3. cheese pizza
Do all animals need food?
  1. Yes
  2. No
Do all animals eat the same kind of food?
  1. Yes
  2. No
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