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What is the Adverb? (Grade 2)

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What is the Adverb?

What is the adverb?

The lightning flashed brightly.
  1. lightning
  2. flashed
  3. brightly
What is the adverb?

Carter used the scissors carefully.
  1. used
  2. scissors
  3. carefully
What is the adverb?

Holden gladly helped his teacher.
  1. glady
  2. helped
  3. teacher
What is the adverb?

Moles live underground.
  1. moles
  2. live
  3. underground
What is the adverb?

I added the chocolate chips last.
  1. added
  2. chocolate
  3. last
What is the adverb?

We found the treasure chest here.
  1. found
  2. treasure
  3. here
What is the adverb?

My teacher left the room suddenly.
  1. left
  2. room
  3. suddenly
What is the adverb?

The seeds scattered everywhere.
  1. seeds
  2. scattered
  3. everywhere
What is the adverb?

Chase and Lincoln sometimes play on the computer.
  1. sometimes
  2. play
  3. computer
What is the adverb?

The hot air balloons floated above.
  1. hot
  2. floated
  3. above
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