Rain, Rain, Go Away (Kindergarten)

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Fall - Umbrella Kara was sad. It was raining again. She looked at her calendar. She wrote down the weather on her calendar each day.

"It has been raining for eight days," Kara sighed. "I'll never get to go outside and ride my bike."

"Cheer up," Kara's mom said. "It won't rain forever."

Kara knew that was true. However, it seemed like it had been raining forever.

Kara spent the day playing inside. At bedtime, she made a wish. She wished that it would stop raining soon.

When Kara woke up the next morning, it was still raining. She drew a picture of a rain drop on her calendar. Nine days of rain.

The next day, Kara woke up. She looked outside. She drew another picture of a rain drop on her calendar. Ten days of rain.

The next day, Kara woke up. She looked outside. The sky was cloudy, but it had stopped raining. Kara drew a cloud on her calendar. Then she got dressed. She put on her bike helmet. Then, she ran outside to ride her bike.
Why was Kara sad?
  1. She was tired.
  2. It was raining outside.
  3. Her mom broke her new bike.
How many days did it rain?
  1. 9
  2. 10
  3. 11
How did Kara track the weather?
  1. She listened to the weather report.
  2. She drew a picture on her calendar.
  3. She collected the rain drops in a bucket.
What was the weather like on the last day?
  1. cloudy
  2. rainy
  3. sunny
What symbol did Kara draw on her calendar on the last day?
  1. a sun
  2. a cloud
  3. a rain drop

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