A Place for my Acorn (Kindergarten)

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A Place for my Acorn

Once there was a little squirrel. The squirrel was scurrying around the forest. While he was scurrying around, he found an acorn. It was a big, juicy acorn. The squirrel knew the acorn would make a great meal. There was just one problem - he wasn't hungry.

The squirrel's mother had just fed him a huge bowl of acorn stew. His tummy was full. He couldn't eat another bite. However, he didn't want the acorn to go to waste. The squirrel decided to pick up the big, juicy acorn. He wanted to hide it for later.

The squirrel carried the acorn around the forest. He looked for the perfect hiding spot. He found a small hole in the trunk of a tree.

"Maybe this hole will be a good hiding spot for the acorn," he thought.

But the acorn was too big to fit in the hole. The squirrel had to find another place to hide the acorn.

He saw a large nest up in a tree.

"Maybe this nest will be a good hiding spot for my acorn," he thought.

But there were three baby birds in the nest. He couldn't hide the acorn there. The squirrel had to find another spot to hide his acorn.

After searching for over an hour, the squirrel started to feel frustrated.

"I can't find a place to hide this acorn anywhere in the forest," he said.

That's when the squirrel heard a voice from above.

"Then make a place for the acorn," the voice said.

"Make a place for my acorn," the squirrel repeated. "That's a great idea."

The squirrel put the acorn down next to a tree. Then he started digging a hole. When the hole was finished, the squirrel dropped the acorn into the hole. It was a perfect fit.

The squirrel covered the hole with dirt.

"Don't worry, acorn. I'll be back to eat you later," the squirrel said.

Then he scurried off to play in the forest.
What was the squirrel's problem?
  1. He couldn't eat acorns.
  2. He couldn't find food to eat.
  3. He couldn't find a place to hide the acorn.
Why didn't the squirrel eat the acorn?
  1. He was too tired.
  2. It didn't belong to him.
  3. He wasn't very hungry.
What was wrong with the hole in the tree?
  1. It was too big.
  2. It was too small.
  3. It was too dirty.
How did the squirrel solve his problem?
  1. He dug a hole.
  2. He ate the acorn.
  3. He gave the acorn away.
Based on the story, which sentence is true?
  1. Squirrels do not need a lot of food to eat.
  2. Squirrels can change the environment to meet their needs.
  3. Squirrels like to dig holes to hide their food from other animals.

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