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The Tornado (Kindergarten)

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The Tornado

Jenny was watching the weather report on TV.

"Strong tornadoes are possible tonight," the weather reporter said.

"Dad, will there really be a tornado tonight?" Jenny asked.

"I don't know for sure. It's good to be prepared just in case," Jenny's dad said.

"Why do we have to be prepared for a tornado?" Jenny asked.

"A tornado is a powerful storm," Jenny's dad explained. "It's a spinning tube of air. It can touch the ground and destroy houses. It can throw objects around. A tornado has a lot of power. Therefore, it can be very dangerous. That's why we prepare for tornadoes before they happen."

Jenny tried to remember what she was supposed to do if a tornado came. At school, they had tornado drills. Jenny remembered sitting in the hallway. She had to put her hands over her head. However, she knew things worked a little differently at home.

"If a tornado is coming, we'll hear the tornado siren, right?" Jenny asked.

"That's right," Jenny's dad said. "Once we hear the siren, what do we do?"

"We go to the basement," Jenny replied. "Or, if we're not at home, we go to an inner room with no windows."

"Exactly," Jenny's dad said. "You don't want to be outside during a tornado. So if you're outside playing when you hear the siren, come inside right away."

"We'll probably need some flashlights too, right?" Jenny asked.

"Yep," Jenny's dad said. "If a tornado hits, it could cause the power to go out. We'll put a flashlight by the basement steps. We'll also put a couple flashlights in the basement. That way we'll be prepared if the power goes out."

"I hope a tornado doesn't hit tonight. Still, I'm glad we're prepared if one does," Jenny said.
What did the weather reporter say might happen?
  1. a tornado
  2. a hurricane
  3. a thunderstorm
What would Jenny do if there was a tornado at school?
  1. Go outside and look at it.
  2. Call her dad to pick her up.
  3. Sit in the hall with her hands on her head.
Where would Jenny go if there was a tornado while she was at home?
  1. the backyard
  2. the bedroom
  3. the basement
What would tell Jenny and her dad that a tornado was coming?
  1. a phone call
  2. a newspaper
  3. a tornado siren
Should you go outside during a tornado?
  1. Yes
  2. No
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