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I Broke My Trunk (Grade 1)

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I Broke My Trunk

What happened to Gerald?
  1. He hurt his arm.
  2. He broke his trunk.
  3. He stubbed his toe.
What did Gerald want to do with his trunk?
  1. lift Hippo with it
  2. blow water from it
  3. sing a song for Piggie with it
Did Gerald break his trunk by lifting Hippo on it?
  1. Yes
  2. No
Which word describes a hippo and a rhino on Gerald's trunk?
  1. silly
  2. heavy
  3. beautiful
Which word describes Hippo's sister?
  1. big
  2. pretty
  3. friendly
What did Hippo's sister want to do?
  1. play her piano
  2. eat a sandwich
  3. swim in the pool
How did Gerald break his trunk?
  1. He tripped and fell.
  2. He lifted heavy animals.
  3. He tried to spray water out of it.
What was Gerald doing when he broke his trunk?
  1. Driving his truck
  2. Lifting heavy animals
  3. Running to talk to Piggie
Which word DOES NOT describe Gerald's story?
  1. sad
  2. crazy
  3. funny
What happened to Piggie?
  1. She ran a race.
  2. She broke her snout.
  3. She lifted a hippo in the air.
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