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Charlotte's Web Chapter 1 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web Chapter 1

What was Papa carrying?
  1. an ax
  2. a hammer
  3. an omelette
  4. a newspaper
Where was Papa going?
  1. to thestore
  2. to the garden
  3. to the hoghouse
  4. to the restaurant
What had happened during the night?
  1. A fox ate a chicken.
  2. Some pigs were born.
  3. There was a full moon.
  4. It rained a large amount.
What was wrong with one of the pigs?
  1. It was a runt.
  2. It had three legs.
  3. It smelled really bad.
  4. It ran away from its mother.
Why did Fern rush outside?
  1. to chase the cat
  2. to save the little pig
  3. to play with her brother
  4. to plant seeds in the garden
How did Fern feel when she talked to her father?
  1. tired
  2. upset
  3. happy
  4. excited
Fern told her father that what he was going to do was an injustice.
An INJUSTICE is something that is
  1. not fair.
  2. not cool.
  3. not healthy.
  4. not important.
How did Avery feel when he saw Fern's pig?
  1. sad
  2. happy
  3. excited
  4. jealous
What did Fern feed the pig?
  1. eggs
  2. bacon
  3. warm milk
  4. cold cereal
What did Fern name her pig?
  1. Pig
  2. Runt
  3. Porky
  4. Wilbur
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