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Charlotte's Web Chapter 2 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web Chapter 2

How did Fern feel about Wilbur?
  1. She thought he was cute.
  2. She couldn't stand to look at him.
  3. She loved him more than anything.
  4. She thought he smelled like rotten eggs.
How did Fern treat Wilbur?
  1. like a pig
  2. like a baby
  3. like a brother
  4. like a best friend
How did Wilbur feel about Fern?
  1. He adored her.
  2. He didn't like her.
  3. He thought she was funny.
  4. He wished she would leave him alone.
Where did Wilbur stay when he was outside?
  1. in the garden
  2. in a special pen
  3. in the hoghouse
  4. in a basket in the tree
Fern was worried Wilbur would be cold at night. How did Wilbur stay warm?
  1. He had a heater.
  2. He wore a sweater.
  3. He dug a tunnel in the straw.
  4. He covered up with a blanket.
What did Wilbur do when Fern came home from school?
  1. smiled at her
  2. followed her around
  3. begged for his dinner
  4. raced her up the steps
When Fern went swimming, what did Wilbur do?
  1. stayed at home
  2. played in the mud
  3. watched from the edge
  4. swam along beside her
Wilbur was a spring pig. What is a spring pig?
  1. a pig that was small
  2. a pig that was born in spring
  3. a pig that had a lot of energy
  4. a pig that drank too much milk
What happened when Wilbur was five weeks old?
  1. Fern grew tired of him.
  2. He started sleeping outside.
  3. He fell into a hole and got stuck.
  4. Mr. Arable said Fern had to sell him.
Where did Wilbur go?
  1. to Fern's school
  2. to the hoghouse
  3. to the county fair
  4. to the Zuckermans' house
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