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Charlotte's Web Chapter 3 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web Chapter 3

Where did Wilbur sleep in the barn?
  1. in the loft
  2. in a pile of hay
  3. in a pile of manure
  4. in a stall with the horses
How often did Fern come to visit Wilbur?
  1. never
  2. twice a day
  3. once a week
  4. almost every day
How did Wilbur feel when Fern wasn't around?
  1. sad
  2. bored
  3. happy
  4. excited
What animal came to talk to Wilbur?
  1. a cow
  2. a mule
  3. a goose
  4. a mouse
How did Wilbur get out of his pen?
  1. He jumped the fence.
  2. He pushed a loose board.
  3. Fern let him out through the gate.
  4. Mr. Zuckerman let him out for exercise.
What did Wilbur do when he got out?
  1. tried to find Fern
  2. chased the school bus
  3. walked around the farm
  4. went inside the Zuckermans' house
How did the other animals feel when they heard Wilbur had gotten out?
  1. sad
  2. mad
  3. jealous
  4. excited
How did Wilbur feel when Mr. Zuckerman and the dog started chasing him?
  1. angry
  2. scared
  3. excited
  4. confused
How did Mr. Zuckerman get Wilbur to come to him?
  1. He gave a special pig call.
  2. He held out a bucket of slop.
  3. He asked Fern to pick him up.
  4. He trapped him in a burlap sack.
How did Wilbur feel once he was back in his pen?
  1. lonely and scared
  2. peaceful and happy
  3. sad and disappointed
  4. tired and embarrassed
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