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Charlotte's Web Chapter 4 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web Chapter 4

How did Wilbur feel during this chapter?
  1. sad
  2. angry
  3. lonely
  4. hungry
Why couldn't Wilbur go anywhere?
  1. It was cold.
  2. It was raining.
  3. He was too tired.
  4. He was chained up.
Wilbur asked the other animals if they would
  1. play with him.
  2. tell him a story.
  3. give him some food.
  4. stop making so much noise.
What was Templeton?
  1. a rat
  2. a dog
  3. a sheep
  4. a goose
Who was Lurvy?
  1. Fern's brother
  2. Wilbur's best friend
  3. a worker at the farm
  4. another pig who lived at the farm
Which word best describes Templeton?
  1. nice
  2. mean
  3. honest
  4. sneaky
Why did Lurvy think something was wrong with Wilbur?
  1. Wilbur bit him.
  2. Wilbur was crying.
  3. Wilbur didn't wake up.
  4. Wilbur wouldn't eat his food.
What kind of day was it for Wilbur?
  1. a lazy day
  2. a tiring day
  3. an exciting day
  4. one of the worst days ever
Wilbur heard a voice talking to him. What did the voice say?
  1. "Aren't you hungry?"
  2. "I'll be a friend to you."
  3. "Run away stupid pig."
  4. "Where are you going?"
Where did the voice come from?
  1. far away
  2. above Wilbur
  3. deep in the trough
  4. inside Templeton's tunnel
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