The questions on this worksheet correspond with Chapter 7 of Charlotte's Web.

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 7 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 7

Why did Wilbur decide it was okay that Charlotte killed flies?
  1. because flies were annoying
  2. because she needed food to eat
  3. because she didn't kill other insects
  4. because flies started eating all his food
How did Wilbur change as the days passed?
  1. He gained weight.
  2. He started to talk a lot.
  3. He made more friends.
  4. He went outside more often.
Who told Wilbur that the Zuckermans were fattening him up because they planned to kill him?
  1. Charlotte
  2. Templeton
  3. the goose
  4. the sheep
When were they going to kill Wilbur?
  1. in the spring
  2. in the summer
  3. at Thanksgiving
  4. at Christmastime
How did the sheep's news make Wilbur feel?
  1. sad
  2. calm
  3. upset
  4. excited
What did Charlotte plan to do?
  1. save Wilbur
  2. catch more flies
  3. talk to Mr. Zuckerman
  4. take Wilbur into hiding
What did Charlotte tell Wilbur to do when he started screaming?
  1. be quiet
  2. call for Fern
  3. escape from the barn
  4. wake up Mr. Zuckerman
How did the sheep know what would happen to Wilbur?
  1. He heard Mr. Zuckerman.
  2. He was making things up.
  3. He was going to be killed too.
  4. He had been around many years.
What were they going to turn Wilbur into? (Choose all that apply)
  1. bacon
  2. cheese
  3. hot dogs
  4. smoked ham
What did Fern do when she heard Wilbur was going to be killed?
  1. She took Wilbur home.
  2. She didn't say anything.
  3. She went to talk to Mr. Zuckerman.
  4. She promised Wilbur she would protect him.

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