Charlotte's Web: Chapter 8 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 8

What did Fern talk about at breakfast?
  1. her schoolwork
  2. her brother, Avery
  3. the events on the farm
  4. the fair that was coming up
Could Fern hear the animals talk?
  1. Yes
  2. No
Why were Mr. and Mrs. Arable confused?
  1. They'd never seen the goose.
  2. They didn't know the animals' names.
  3. They thought Fern was starting to get sick.
  4. They'd never been to Mr. Zuckerman's farm.
Did Mr. and Mrs. Arable think the animals really talked?
  1. Yes
  2. No
What did Mr. Arable say about Fern?
  1. She was acting funny.
  2. She had an active imagination.
  3. She was getting too attached to Wilbur.
  4. She had made a lot of friends at school.
Where did Mrs. Arable want to take Fern?
  1. to school
  2. to the fair
  3. to the farm
  4. to the doctor
Why did Mr. Arable think Fern might be able to hear the animals?
  1. She was smart.
  2. She had sharp ears.
  3. She was kind to them.
  4. She wanted to be a veterinarian.
Why did Fern go to the barn so much?
  1. She liked it.
  2. She worked there.
  3. She wanted to talk to Wilbur.
  4. She was concerned about the animals.
How did the conversation make Mrs. Arable feel?
  1. mad
  2. bored
  3. excited
  4. worried
Where was the family going?
  1. to school
  2. to the store
  3. to get ice cream
  4. to Sunday School

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