Charlotte's Web: Chapter 9 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 9

How did Charlotte's web get torn?
  1. wind blew it
  2. rain soaked it
  3. insects kicked in it
  4. farmers tried to tear it down
What did Charlotte do every afternoon?
  1. ate a fly
  2. crawled around
  3. mended her web
  4. went into a deep sleep
What did Wilbur notice about Charlotte?
  1. She had hairy legs.
  2. She was very quiet.
  3. She was very small.
  4. She smelled like roses.
What did Wilbur ask Charlotte to teach him?
  1. how to catch flies
  2. how to spin a web
  3. how to escape from his pen
  4. how to get Mr. Zuckerman to keep him
What did Wilbur ask Templeton for?
  1. the goose egg
  2. a piece of string
  3. some honest advice
  4. help digging a tunnel
What did Wilbur do when he realized he couldn't spin a web?
  1. He laughed.
  2. He started to cry.
  3. He hid under some hay.
  4. He got mad at Charlotte.
What did Wilbur need to spin a web? (Choose all that apply)
  1. string
  2. a ladder
  3. spinnerets
  4. know-how
Charlotte said she was a sedentary spider. What does sedentary mean?
  1. not very active
  2. always excited
  3. moves around a lot
  4. spins webs all the time
How did Charlotte plan to save Wilbur?
  1. by helping him escape
  2. by getting Fern to take him
  3. by hiding him under the hay
  4. She didn't have a plan.
What did Charlotte tell Wilbur to do at the end of the chapter? (Choose all that apply)
  1. keep fit
  2. get sleep
  3. throw a fit
  4. pack his things

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