Charlotte's Web: Chapter 10 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 10

Which word describes Charlotte?
  1. lazy
  2. mean
  3. patient
  4. adorable
What was Charlotte waiting for at the beginning of the chapter?
  1. a fly
  2. Fern
  3. an idea
  4. Mr. Zuckerman
What did Charlotte decide to do?
  1. go for a walk
  2. stop eating flies
  3. call a meeting of the animals
  4. play a trick on Mr. Zuckerman
Charlotte said people were gullible. What does gullible mean?
  1. not lazy
  2. very smart
  3. easy to fool
  4. hard to convince
What dangerous thing to Fern and Avery do on Mr. Zuckerman's farm?
  1. caught a frog
  2. started a campfire
  3. swung on the swing
  4. climb into the horse's stall
What did Avery try to do to Charlotte?
  1. capture her
  2. destroy her web
  3. blow her web away
  4. spray her with bug spray
What happened when Avery fell in Wilbur's trough?
  1. He got muddy.
  2. Wilbur was scared.
  3. The goose egg broke.
  4. Charlotte ran away to hide.
How did Lurvy feel about rats?
  1. He hated them.
  2. He thought they were clever.
  3. He liked to watch them run around.
  4. He kept them as pets when he was a kid.
Why did Wilbur save extra food for Templeton?
  1. He was his friend.
  2. He wasn't very hungry.
  3. Templeton was feeling very disappointed.
  4. Templeton had helped save Charlotte's life.
What did Charlotte do while the animals were sleeping?
  1. She hummed a song.
  2. She talked to Templeton.
  3. She watched over the barn.
  4. She started working on her web.

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