The questions on this worksheet correspond to Chapter 12 of Charlotte's Web.

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 12 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 12

What did Charlotte do at the beginning of the chapter?
  1. tore down her web
  2. laid a bunch of eggs
  3. wrote a new message
  4. called a meeting of the animals
What animal was missing?
  1. Wilbur
  2. the goose
  3. Templeton
  4. the goslings
What did Charlotte decide to write in her web?
  1. Wow
  2. Terrific
  3. Wilbur Rocks
  4. Wilbur the Pig
The sheep suggested they could get ideas for the web from
  1. people.
  2. magazines.
  3. other animals.
  4. tv commercials.
Why did the sheep say it was important for Templeton to help Wilbur?
  1. because animals help each other
  2. because Wilbur was a really nice pig
  3. because he owed the animals a favor
  4. because Wilbur supplied him with food
Wilbur thought he was
  1. lazy.
  2. terrific.
  3. average.
  4. handsome.
Why did Templeton agree to help the animals?
  1. He was a nice rat.
  2. He had nothing better to do.
  3. He was worried about going hungry.
  4. He really wanted the animals to like him.
Where would Templeton get the item that would help come up with words to write in the web?
  1. the dump
  2. the library
  3. the kitchen
  4. the mailbox
Which word best describes Templeton?
  1. kind
  2. lazy
  3. selfish
  4. helpful
When did Charlotte write the next message in her web?
  1. at noon
  2. during the night
  3. in the afternoon
  4. before Christmastime

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