Charlotte's Web: Chapter 13 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 13

What did Charlotte's web look like before she wrote the message?
  1. a ball of yarn
  2. a wagon wheel
  3. a picture of a pig
  4. a tangled pile of thread
What type of thread did Charlotte use for the message?
  1. dry thread
  2. wet thread
  3. red thread
  4. heavy thread
Why didn't Charlotte use sticky thread to write the message?
  1. She ran out.
  2. She didn't like it.
  3. Bugs would get stuck in it.
  4. It wouldn't show up as clearly.
Charlotte wrote the message with                 lines.
  1. long
  2. short
  3. single
  4. double
What did Charlotte do as she wrote the message?
  1. ate flies
  2. sang a song
  3. talked to herself
  4. watched Wilbur sleep
How did Wilbur feel when people came to read the message?
  1. sad
  2. bored
  3. terrific
  4. handsome
Who did Mr. Zuckerman tell Mrs. Zuckerman to call?
  1. his mother
  2. the minister
  3. the judge from the contest
  4. the reporter from the paper
What did Mr. Zuckerman ask Lurvy to build?
  1. a crate
  2. a bookshelf
  3. a doghouse
  4. a display case
Where did Mr. Zuckerman plan to take Wilbur?
  1. to the vet
  2. to the church
  3. to the butcher
  4. to the county fair
What was the first word Templeton brought to Charlotte?
  1. new
  2. clean
  3. crunchy
  4. delicious
Why did Charlotte have Wilbur do tricks?
  1. to entertain the visitors
  2. to see if he was radiant
  3. to make him more popular
  4. to show how terrific he was
At the end of the day, how did being terrific all day make Wilbur feel?
  1. tired
  2. bored
  3. terrific
  4. amazing
Charlotte told Wilbur a few stories. What were her stories about?
  1. her cousins
  2. amazing pigs
  3. her childhood
  4. animals on the farm
Who was really the most terrific animal in the barn?
  1. Wilbur
  2. Charlotte
  3. the goose
  4. Templeton

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