Charlotte's Web: Chapter 16 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 16

Why did everyone go to bed early?
  1. They were tired.
  2. It was dark outside.
  3. The fair started the next day.
  4. School was going to start soon.
What did Wilbur's crate say?
  1. Terrific
  2. Some Pig
  3. Wilbur the Pig
  4. Zuckerman's Famous Pig
What did Mrs. Zuckerman want to do to Wilbur?
  1. brush his teeth
  2. put a bow on him
  3. keep him at home
  4. give him a buttermilk bath
What did the goslings bug their mother about?
  1. They wanted a bath.
  2. They wanted to go to the fair.
  3. They were very hungry that morning.
  4. They wanted to make a card to give to Wilbur.
What did Charlotte decide to do?
  1. go to the fair
  2. write a new message
  3. stay behind and lay her eggs
  4. take a nice long nap in the corner
Why did Templeton decide to go to the fair?
  1. to run errands for Charlotte
  2. to show kindness to Wilbur
  3. because he always wanted to go to the fair
  4. because he heard there was lots of food to eat
What did Charlotte and Templeton do before Wilbur got into the crate?
  1. hid in the crate
  2. filled the crate with straw
  3. gave Wilbur some advice
  4. gathered up some treats for Wilbur
Why did Wilbur feel like he was going to faint?
  1. He forgot to eat breakfast.
  2. He was nervous about the fair.
  3. He didn't have many air holes in the crate.
  4. He heard Mr. Arable say he would be killed.
What did Avery pretend to be?
  1. a dog
  2. a pig
  3. a sheep
  4. a goose
Why did the sheep tell Wilbur to struggle getting into the crate?
  1. because it would save him
  2. because it would show he was normal
  3. because it would cause Mr. Zuckerman to be impressed
  4. because it would take attention away from the stowaways

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