Charlotte's Web: Chapter 17 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 17

What did Fern and Avery ask for when they got to the fair?
  1. money
  2. tickets
  3. directions
  4. to help with Wilbur
How often did the fair happen?
  1. every week
  2. once a year
  3. once a month
  4. in the spring and fall
How much money did Avery and Fern each get?
  1. 50 cents
  2. 70 cents
  3. one dollar
  4. They got different amounts.
Why were Fern and Avery most excited to go to the midway?
  1. They were hungry.
  2. They liked the rides.
  3. There would be no adults around.
  4. There would be no smelly animals.
How did the pig in the next pen over compare to Wilbur?
  1. He was pinker.
  2. He was bigger.
  3. He was meaner.
  4. He was happier.
What did the other pig like to be called?
  1. Pig
  2. Uncle
  3. George
  4. Big Mister
What was wrong with Charlotte?
  1. She was very tired.
  2. She was very angry.
  3. She ran out of ideas.
  4. She missed her friends.
Why was Wilbur worried? (Choose all that apply)
  1. Fern didn't come see him.
  2. Charlotte wasn't feeling well.
  3. Uncle was much bigger than him.
  4. He was afraid he would turn into bacon.
What kind of day was it?
  1. a hot day
  2. a cold day
  3. a rainy day
  4. a windy day
What did the children do after lunch?
  1. rode rides
  2. took a nap
  3. played games
  4. asked for more money

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