Charlotte's Web: Chapter 19 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 19

How had Charlotte changed overnight?
  1. She shrunk.
  2. She lost a leg.
  3. She changed color.
  4. She grew much bigger.
What did Wilbur compare the sac next to Charlotte to?
  1. an egg
  2. balls of yarn
  3. cotton candy
  4. a fuzzy sweater
Charlotte said the egg sac was her magnum opus. What is a magnum opus?
  1. a finale
  2. a fine painting
  3. a great achievement
  4. a task that takes a long time
How many eggs were in the sac?
  1. 10
  2. 125
  3. 514
  4. 1000
What did Charlotte say about her children?
  1. They were remarkable.
  2. Many of them would not survive.
  3. She would never get to see them.
  4. They would become good friends with Wilbur.
What news did Templeton bring Wilbur and Charlotte?
  1. Uncle had won first prize.
  2. He was going back to the farm.
  3. Mr. Zuckerman had talked to the butchers.
  4. The judges would come by around noon that day.
What did Mr. Zuckerman do when he saw who won first prize?
  1. He started to cry.
  2. He called the butcher.
  3. He gave Wilbur a bath.
  4. He packed up and went home.
Why did Mr. Zuckerman have to go to the grandstand?
  1. to judge a content
  2. to register for the fair
  3. because his truck was blocking it
  4. because Wilbur was getting a special award
Why did Charlotte feel content?
  1. She ate a fly.
  2. She got enough sleep.
  3. She was going back home.
  4. She thought she had saved Wilbur.
Where did Fern wish she was?
  1. at home
  2. at school
  3. at the farm
  4. at the top of the Ferris wheel

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