Charlotte's Web: Chapter 21 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 21

What did Wilbur notice about Charlotte?
  1. She was quiet.
  2. She was smaller.
  3. She was not in her web.
  4. She was not eating anything.
What did Wilbur think of Charlotte when he first met her?
  1. He thought she was nice.
  2. He thought she was small.
  3. He thought she was cruel and bloodthirsty.
  4. He thought she was smart and interesting.
Why did Charlotte say she wove the webs?
  1. She liked Wilbur.
  2. She wanted attention.
  3. She liked weaving webs.
  4. She hoped it would impress Wilbur.
What did Charlotte say when Wilbur told her they were going home?
  1. She was anxious to see her friends.
  2. She couldn't wait to spin a new web.
  3. She was excited to meet all of her children.
  4. She wouldn't be going back to the barn with him.
What was going to happen Charlotte?
  1. She was going to die.
  2. She was going to get bigger.
  3. She was going to lay another sac of eggs.
  4. She was going to spin one more beautiful web.
How did Wilbur feel when he heard what was going to happen to Charlotte?
  1. He felt very sad.
  2. He felt very nervous.
  3. He couldn't wait to get home.
  4. He wished he could make things better.
What did Wilbur want to take back to the farm with him?
  1. his crate
  2. his medal
  3. Charlotte's web
  4. Charlotte's eggs
How did Wilbur get Templeton to help him?
  1. He asked nicely.
  2. He told him he was a great rat.
  3. He told him that Charlotte was very sick.
  4. He promised him first choice of the food in his trough.
How did Wilbur carry the egg sac?
  1. on his back
  2. on his tongue
  3. with his hooves
  4. wrapped in the straw
How did Wilbur say goodbye to Charlotte?
  1. He waved.
  2. He winked.
  3. He oinked.
  4. He did a back flip.

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