Charlotte's Web: Chapter 22 (Grade 2)

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 22

Where did Wilbur put the sac of eggs?
  1. in the orchard
  2. in a safe corner
  3. under his trough
  4. on top of the web
What did Mr. Zuckerman do with Wilbur's medal?
  1. He sold it.
  2. He took it in the house.
  3. He hung it by the pigpen.
  4. He made Wilbur wear it all the time.
Did Mr. Zuckerman kill Wilbur around Christmastime?
  1. Yes
  2. No
What happened to Templeton?
  1. He died.
  2. He grew bigger.
  3. He became meaner.
  4. He was frozen in the snow.
What did the sound of the frogs mean?
  1. It was cold.
  2. It was raining.
  3. Spring was coming.
  4. Danger was coming.
How big was the first baby spider?
  1. the size of a penny
  2. the size of an acorn
  3. the size of small cracker
  4. the size of a grain of sand
What did Wilbur notice about the first spider?
  1. It was cute.
  2. It smelled bad.
  3. It was scared of him.
  4. It looked just like Charlotte.
How could you tell Wilbur was excited about the spiders?
  1. He smiled.
  2. He clapped a lot.
  3. He did a back flip.
  4. He said he was so excited.
What did the baby spiders do when they saw Wilbur?
  1. They waved.
  2. They ran away.
  3. They started to cry.
  4. They begged for food.
What did the spiders do that made Wilbur sad?
  1. They bit him on the nose.
  2. They climbed around his ears.
  3. They made balloons and flew away.
  4. They spun webs and messed up his pen.
What made Wilbur happy again?
  1. He found a message from Charlotte.
  2. Three of the spiders decided to stay.
  3. Mr. Zuckerman brought him more food.
  4. Templeton decided to become his friend.
What were the spiders' names? (Choose all that apply)
  1. Joy
  2. Hope
  3. Nellie
  4. Aranea
  5. Charlotte Jr.
What happened to Fern?
  1. She grew up.
  2. She became sick.
  3. She moved away.
  4. She got married and had kids.
What happened to Wilbur?
  1. He was sold.
  2. He went to the butcher.
  3. He became very lonely.
  4. He lived the rest of his life on the farm.
How did Wilbur remember Charlotte? (Choose all that apply)
  1. as an old spider
  2. as a good writer
  3. as a good friend
  4. as a wonderful mother

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