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The Windy Beach (Main Idea) (Grade 1)

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The Windy Beach (Main Idea)

Instructions: Read the story and answer the questions about the main idea.

Last weekend, my family went to the beach. We wanted to swim and build sand castles, but it was very windy. The sand blew in my face. It stuck to my hair. The grass swayed in the dunes. The waves crashed onto the shore. Salty water sprayed everywhere.

"This is not any fun," my brother said.

"Maybe we should go home," my mom said.

"I have an idea," I said.

I put on my sun hat and tied it around my chin. Then I put on my sunglasses. The wind still blew the sand and the water, but I could enjoy the beach.
Which detail is more important?
  1. The sand blew in my face.
  2. The grass was swaying on the dunes.
  3. We wanted to swim and build sand castles.
What is the main idea?
  1. It was a windy day at the beach.
  2. No one had any fun at the beach that day.
  3. The narrator and her family went to the beach.
Which statement is true?
  1. It was hard to have fun because it was windy.
  2. The wind made the water rise higher and higher.
  3. The weatherman said it was not going to be windy.
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