These questions correspond with Chapters 13 and 14 of Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo.

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Because of Winn-Dixie: Chapters 13-14 (Grade 4)

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Because of Winn-Dixie: Chapters 13-14

Where did Opal and Winn-Dixie go first after they left the trailer?
  1. the library
  2. the pet store
  3. to talk to Sweetie Pie
  4. to Opal Dump's house
What did Sweetie Pie really want?
  1. a dog
  2. a friend
  3. a new bike
  4. a pink dress
How did Opal know Winn-Dixie liked going to Gloria Dump's house?
  1. He raced to get there.
  2. He whined when he left.
  3. He begged to go every day.
  4. He brought her a picture of Gloria.
How did Opal feel when she got to Gloria Dump's house every day?
  1. like a soldier
  2. like a daughter
  3. like a best friend
  4. like a wicked witch
Opal says Dunlap and Stevie are ignorant. What does ignorant most likely mean?
  1. really nice
  2. very annoying
  3. feeling very brave
  4. lacking knowledge
Why couldn't Gloria Dump read stories?
  1. Her eyes were bad.
  2. She didn't own any.
  3. She didn't know how to read.
  4. Her father told her they were bad.
Why did Opal wonder if she should be afraid of Otis?
  1. because he was a criminal
  2. because he was mean to her father
  3. because he let her work in the shop
  4. because he could make the animals sit still
Gloria Dump showed Opal a tree. What was on the tree?
  1. acorns
  2. flowers
  3. bird feeders
  4. glass bottles
What did Gloria Dump and Opal's mom have in common?
  1. They both drank.
  2. They both had red hair.
  3. They both left their husbands.
  4. They both liked to read books.
What lesson did Gloria Dump teach Opal?
  1. Criminals are dangerous people.
  2. Glass bottles make beautiful decorations.
  3. Some people are harder to love than others.
  4. You shouldn't judge people by what they've done in the past.

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