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Real-Life Reading: Directions (Grade 3)

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Real-Life Reading: Directions

Marla wants to invite her friend Kara over for a sleepover. Marla's mom writes out the following directions for Kara to give to her mother. Read the directions and use them to answer the questions.

Directions from school to Marla's house:

When coming out of the school parking lot, turn left.
Make an immediate right turn onto Chapel Street.
At the stop sign, turn right on Oak Street.
Go three blocks until and turn left on Marble Road.
Our house is five houses down on the right, 305 Marble Road.
What street does Marla live on?
  1. Oak St.
  2. Chapel St.
  3. Marble Rd.
  4. School Rd.
Which way should Kara's mom go when she leaves the school?
  1. left
  2. right
  3. straight
The directions say to make an immediate right onto Chapel St.

Why do the directions say make an IMMEDIATE right?
  1. the road is very hard to see
  2. the road is a one-way street
  3. the road is a few blocks away
  4. the road is right by the school
How will Kara's mom know she is at Oak Street?
  1. There is a stop sign.
  2. There are lots of oak trees.
  3. Marla will be waiting for them.
  4. All of the houses are painted yellow.
How will Kara's mom know which house is Marla's?
  1. She will see a red house.
  2. She will call Marla's mom.
  3. She will look for number 305.
  4. She will turn onto Marble Road.
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