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Tax Quiz (Grade 10)

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Tax Quiz

The pay you earn before taxes are withheld is called                 income.
The amount on your paycheck after all taxes and deductions are taken out is called            income
You must file your tax return no later than
  1. July 4
  2. September 11
  3. December 7
  4. April 15
The federal agency responsible for collecting taxes is the            .
Social Security and Medicare taxes are paid by:
  1. employees
  2. employers
  3. both
  4. neither
Social Security and Medicare are both funded by the              tax.
Every time we buy something, we pay sales tax.
  1. True
  2. False
A local sales tax is always in addition to whatever the state sales tax is.
  1. True
  2. False
A tax on imports.
  1. Quota
  2. Embargo
  3. Tariff
  4. Import Tax
High taxes used to discourage the use of items such as tobacco are called               taxes.
  1. vice
  2. evil
  3. hard
  4. sin
A tax placed on goods coming into the country is called
  1. a decree
  2. a dowry
  3. a customs duty
  4. illegal land speculation
A tax on the value of your house is a(n)                      tax.
If someone gives you something worth more than $11,000, you are required to pay a(n)              tax.
Employers must withhold                    from your paycheck.
  1. federal income tax
  2. property taxes
  3. excise taxes
  4. tariffs
Information about the total amount of federal income tax you paid last year comes from
  1. Form W-4
  2. Form W-2
  3. Form 1099
  4. Form W-4010
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