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Romeo and Juliet: Act 1, Scene 3 (Grade 9)

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Romeo and Juliet: Act 1, Scene 3

Why does Lady Capulet call Juliet at the beginning of the scene?
  1. It is time for dinner.
  2. She wants to talk with her.
  3. Her date for the party has arrived.
  4. She caught her talking with a Montague.
The Nurse says she'd bet fourteen of her own teeth that Juliet is fourteen. What is humorous about this conversation?
  1. Juliet is much younger.
  2. She only has four teeth.
  3. She doesn't know Juliet.
  4. Juliet's birthday was yesterday.
When will Juliet be fourteen?
  1. in six months
  2. on Lammas Eve
  3. on Christmas Day
  4. She already turned fourteen.
The Nurse shares the memory of
  1. the day Juliet was born.
  2. when Juliet stopped nursing.
  3. why she loves Juliet so much.
  4. how Juliet learned how to talk.
What is Juliet's opinion of marriage?
  1. She hasn't dreamed of it happening.
  2. She wants to marry a handsome prince.
  3. She thinks she never wants to get married.
  4. She is worried that her parents will pick her mate.
What do Lady Capulet and the Nurse think of Paris?
  1. He is stuck up.
  2. He is very wealthy.
  3. He is nearly perfect.
  4. He is too old for Juliet.
What does Lady Capulet ask Juliet to do?
  1. Marry Paris right away.
  2. Find another man to love.
  3. Look Paris over at the party.
  4. Ask the Nurse to leave the room.
Lady Capulet suggests that if Juliet marries Paris, she will become
  1. pregnant very quickly.
  2. a very wealthy woman.
  3. happier than ever before.
  4. more popular and admired.
The nurse jokes that Juliet will get bigger. How does she suggest Juliet will get bigger?
  1. in wealth
  2. in popularity
  3. She'll gain weight.
  4. She'll become pregnant.
Peter comes to give a message to Lady Capulet and Juliet. He says that
  1. Paris is ready to marry her.
  2. Lord Capulet has had a heart attack.
  3. everyone is waiting for Juliet at the party.
  4. the Nurse has made a big mess in the kitchen.
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