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Romeo and Juliet: Act 1, Scene 5 (Grade 9)

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Romeo and Juliet: Act 1, Scene 5

At the beginning of the scene, Peter and the servingmen are
  1. clearing the tables.
  2. delivering the invitations.
  3. searching for Montagues.
  4. trying to impress Lord Capulet.
Capulet jokes that the ladies who don't want to dance
  1. need to loosen up a bit.
  2. have been married too long.
  3. must have corns on their feet.
  4. are from the Montague family.
Why does Romeo ask a servingman who a particular girl is?
  1. She looks like Rosaline.
  2. He thinks she is beautiful.
  3. He wonders if she's a Capulet.
  4. He wants to introduce her to Benvolio.
What does Tybalt realize when he hears Romeo speak?
  1. Romeo is a Montague.
  2. Romeo is in love with Juliet.
  3. Romeo has had too much punch.
  4. Romeo was his childhood best friend.
What does Tybalt want to do to Romeo?
  1. harm him
  2. shake his hand
  3. introduce him to Juliet
  4. spread a rumor about him
What does Capulet say about Romeo?
  1. He has a good reputation.
  2. He only wants to cause trouble.
  3. He has brought shame upon his family.
  4. He would make a good husband for Juliet.
What does Capulet tell Tybalt to do?
  1. calm down
  2. entertain Paris
  3. kick Romeo out
  4. fetch him some punch
What are Romeo and Juliet doing when they talk about pilgrims and saints?
  1. flirting
  2. arguing
  3. singing a song
  4. reading a poem
Romeo says, "Give me my sin again." What is he asking Juliet to do?
  1. kiss him back
  2. dance with him
  3. keep his secret
  4. not marry Paris
What does Romeo learn about Juliet from the Nurse?
  1. She is engaged.
  2. She is a Capulet.
  3. She is almost fourteen.
  4. She is known for flirting with boys.
What are Juliet's initial thoughts about Romeo?
  1. She is in love with him.
  2. She thinks he is a bad kisser.
  3. She wishes he didn't live so far away.
  4. She wonders if he comes from a wealthy family.
What does the chorus discuss at the end of the scene?
  1. how Juliet has changed throughout the act
  2. the relationship between Romeo and Juliet
  3. what will happen between the Montagues and Capulets
  4. what will happen to each character at the end of the play
According to the chorus, what is the biggest problem Romeo and Juliet face?
  1. They are too far apart in age.
  2. They come from different social classes.
  3. They have both promised to marry other people.
  4. They have little opportunity to interact with one another.
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