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Thanksgiving Following Directions (Grade 2)

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Thanksgiving Following Directions

Instructions: Cut out the pictures. Then follow the directions to create a Thanksgiving scene at the bottom of the page, or on a separate piece of paper.

Thanksgiving - Turkey - Small Fall - Harvest - Small Fall - Corn - Small Fall - Pumkin - Small Fall - Hot Cider - Small Fall - Leaves - Small Thanksgiving - Turkey Dinner Thanksgiving - Pilgrim - Couple Thanksgiving - Indian Couple Fall - Tree

                 1. Put the turkey dinner in the center of the table.

                 2. Put the hot cider next to the turkey.

                 3. Put the pilgrim couple in front of the table.

                 4. Put the Native American couple next to the pilgrim couple.

                 5. Put the harvest basket between the pilgrim woman's hand.

                 6. Put the corn in the Native American woman's hand.

                 7. Put the tree next to the table.

                 8. Put the leaves under the tree.

                 9. Put the pumpkin by the tree.

                 10. Put the turkey in front of the tree.
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