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Nail Technician (Continuing Education)

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Nail Technician

Which skin condition would prevent a nail technician from providing a nail service?
  1. scar
  2. callus
  3. infection
  4. hang nail
Which one of the following occurs when acrylic touches the cuticle?
  1. The acrylic will lift.
  2. The acrylic will crystallize.
  3. The cuticle will be protected.
  4. The need for a fill-in is delayed.
What portion of the epidermis is under the free edge of the nail?
  1. perionychium
  2. mantle
  3. lunula
  4. hyponychium
How should the technician push the cuticle during a pedicure?
  1. Lightly with a foot file.
  2. In a firm motion with a metal pusher.
  3. Gently with a manicure stick.
  4. In a circular motion with a nail brush.
After being used, metal implements should be...
  1. thrown away.
  2. disinfected and reused.
  3. stored in the manicure kit.
  4. wiped with alcohol and reused.
The manicurist has watery eyes, is feeling light-headed, sluggish and has difficulty breathing. Which one of the following may cause these conditions?
  1. standing too quickly
  2. overexposure to chemicals
  3. improper lighting
  4. poor posture while sitting
What are the tracks at the sides of the nail called?
  1. cuticle
  2. nail grooves
  3. nail fold
  4. nail wall
When applying polish, which one of the following can be used to correct a smudge before applying more polish?
  1. alcohol
  2. cuticle oil
  3. polish remover
  4. primer
Alcohol, Quats, and Phenols are known as which of the following?
  1. physical agents
  2. ultraviolent rays
  3. chemical agents
  4. moist heat
What is the MAIN purpose of a soap bath?
  1. shines the nails
  2. softens the cuticles
  3. shapes the nails
  4. removes the polish
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