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Minecraft-Themed Word Problems (Grade 4)

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Minecraft-Themed Word Problems


Oh no! A group of creepers have invaded your world. It takes 5 men to defeat each creeper. If 15 men are able to defeat the creepers, how many creepers were there?

You have 5 bricks of dirt. You want your garden to be 2 bricks wide and 4 bricks long. How many more bricks do you need?


You want to exchange a pickaxe for a sword. A new pickaxe is 5 points. However, when you trade a pickaxe, you only get half of its value. A new sword is 15 points. How many pickaxes do you need to trade for a sword?


Steve wants to a new location. To do so, he needs to build a way to get there. Steve has narrowed it down to two options:

A track costs 1 iron for every 4 squares. 1 iron costs 4 points.
A river and boat costs 1 log for every 2 squares. 1 log costs 2 points.

Steve must travel 100 squares to get to his location.

How much would each route cost? Show your work.

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