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Kitchen Safety (Continuing Education)

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Kitchen Safety

What is the first thing you should do before you start working with food?
  1. wash your hands
  2. measure ingredients
  3. clean the kitchen
  4. preheat the oven
Identify the term used to describe harmful bacteria spreading from raw foods to other foods.
  1. cross-contamination
  2. parallel-contamination
  3. uni-contamination
  4. pseudo-contamination
What do you do when you have finished using a knife?
  1. put it away immediately
  2. wash it individually in the sink, rinse it, dry it and put it away
  3. place it behind the taps and wash it with your other dishes
  4. put it in the sink to soak
Which of the following safety procedures can help prevent burns?
  1. filling containers of hot liquid to the top
  2. open the oven door half way when removing hot food
  3. wear clothing with long loose sleeves
  4. turn pot/pan handles away from the edge of the stove
Which tool is safe to use when stirring hot liquids in a pot or pan on the stove top?
  1. metal whisk
  2. wooden spoon
  3. metal serving spoon
  4. rubber spatula
When cooking with others, choose the safest order of actions when removing food from a hot oven.
  1. put on oven mitts/communicate that you are opening the oven/open oven door all the way
  2. communicate that you are opening the oven/open oven door all the way/put on oven mitts
  3. put on oven mitts/open oven door all the way/communicate that you are opening the oven
  4. put on oven mitts/no need to communicate/open oven door all the way
If there is a grease fire in a pot or pan on the stove top, which of the following should NEVER be used to try and put out the fire?
  1. baking soda
  2. water
  3. a tight fitting lid
  4. a flat baking sheet
Identify the safest way to defrost meat.
  1. on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator
  2. in warm water in the sink
  3. on the top shelf of the refrigerator
  4. on the counter overnight
What must a food handler with a hand wound do to safely work with food?
  1. bandage the wound with an impermeable cover and wear a single-use glove
  2. bandage the wound and avoid contact with food for the rest of the shift
  3. wash the wound and wear a single-use glove
  4. apply iodine solution and a permeable bandage
When checking food cooking on the stove top, how should you open the lid of a hot pot?
  1. quickly to avoid a burn
  2. with your left arm so you can shield the heat from your face with your right arm
  3. stand back and lift lid away from you
  4. lift lid straight up
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