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Function of Ingredients in Baked Products (Continuing Education)

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Function of Ingredients in Baked Products

Instructions: Choose the best word from the baking terms provided below to fill in the blanks. Note that a word may be used more than once.


Different forms of sugar, such as granulated, brown, or molasses, are used to                     a baked product, as well as make the product more tender and cause the tops of muffins and other breads to brown and crisp.
Liquids, such as milk, cream, fruit juices or water, blend dry ingredients together and, when heated, produce                  that contributes to the leavening of the baked product.
All purpose flour is often used in baking because it contains enough protein to create an elastic gluten framework giving                          to baked goods.
Fats in the form of oil, shortening, butter, margarine or lard all serve to                          baked goods, giving them a fine texture. Fats also provide flavor in baked goods and help to keep the finished product                 , preventing it from drying out too quickly.
Leavening agents give baked products their porous and tender texture by producing              (carbon dioxide). Common leavening agents are baking powder, baking soda, and yeast.
The function of salt in baked goods is the same as its function in most cooking, and that is to add                     .
Enhanced                     is also added to baked goods by using herbs and spices, especially in the form of a strong spice such as cinnamon.
The most common eggs used in baking are large eggs, Grade A. Eggs               baking ingredients together. In addition and similar to the function of butter in baking, the fat in the egg yolk acts to                         baked products. Eggs also add nutritional value to baked goods.
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