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Ancient Greek Literature and Art (Grade 6)

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Ancient Greek Literature and Art

What was the name of the Greek poet who wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey?
  1. Homer
  2. Voltaire
  3. Virgil
  4. Dante
Who was the "father of history" who dealt with the heroic theme of the great clash between the Greeks and the Persians?
  1. Thucydides
  2. Herodotus
  3. Piraeus
  4. Aristophanes
What two kinds of drama did the Athenians invent that are still used today?
  1. Tragedy and Romance
  2. Romance and Comedy
  3. Comedy and Tragedy
  4. Romance and Suspense
Which of the following is a goal of Greek art?
  1. to show human perfection in a balanced way
  2. to highlight chaos and disorder
  3. to show images of quiet home life
  4. to show people as they really are in daily life
What is the Greek writer Euripides known for?
  1. first to introduce the idea of two actors in a play
  2. used more down-to-earth characters
  3. questioned traditional thinking, especially about war
  4. wrote Oedipus Rex
  5. introduced the use of costumes and props
  6. tried to use characters other than heroes and gods
What was the Greek writer Sophocles known for?
  1. first to introduce the idea of two actors in a play
  2. known for writing comedies
  3. wrote the play Oresteia
  4. introduced the idea of painted scenes in the backdrop
  5. first to introduce the idea of three actors in a play
  6. wrote the play Oedipus Rex
  7. wrote the play Antigone
  8. his plots show a great interest in real-life situations
This type of Greek (Hellenistic) and Roman column has the most highly decorative capital (top). Why type is it?
  1. Corinithian
  2. Doric
  3. Ionic
  4. Cornice

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