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The Pajama Elves (Grade 1)

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The Pajama Elves

What do the special elves at the North Pole do?
  1. make toys
  2. build trains
  3. sew pajamas
  4. bake cookies
Which word describes the thread the elves use?
  1. red
  2. shiny
  3. magical
  4. disappearing
What does the thread do?
  1. makes children sleep
  2. grants children's wishes
  3. makes the pajamas fit perfectly
  4. tells Santa where the children live
Which word DOES NOT describe the elves?
  1. tiny
  2. loud
  3. swift
  4. special
How do the elves know what size to make the pajamas?
  1. They ask Santa.
  2. They ask their parents.
  3. They send them a measuring tape.
  4. They measure them while they sleep.
When do the elves deliver the pajamas?
  1. on December 13
  2. on Christmas Eve
  3. on Christmas Day
  4. on December 31
What does the box say when it arrives?
  1. For You
  2. Urgent Delivery
  3. Special Pajamas Inside
  4. Do Not Open Until Christmas
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