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Simple Machines Vocabulary (Grade 6)

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Simple Machines Vocabulary

Instructions: Match the descriptions to the terms. Write the correct letter on the line.

A. screw B. wedge C. pulley D. lever E. inclined plane F. wheel and axle

           1. an inclined plane wound around a cylinder or a cone

           2. a bar that turns on a point

           3. two inclined planes placed back-to-back and used to split or lift objects

           4. a wheel with a rod running through the wheel

           5. a grooved wheel with a chain or rope wrapped in the groove

           6. a flat slanted surface that makes it easier to move an object up a distance
A. wheel and axle B. wedge C. screw D. lever E. inclined plane F. pulley

           1. broom

           2. doorknob

           3. slide

           4. flagpole

           5. blade of an axe

           6. jar lid
A. work B. block and tackle C. compound machine D. machine E. effort F. resistance

           1. the force applied to a simple machine

           2. this is done when a force moves an object over a distance

           3. any object that makes work easier

           4. combines multiple fixed and movable pulleys

           5. the force that works against the effort

           6. combines two or more simple machines to make work easier
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