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Angles Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Angles questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 10 Angles CCSS: HSG-CO.C.9
What angle is complimentary to [math]32 deg[/math]?
  1. [math]-32 deg[/math]
  2. [math]148 deg[/math]
  3. [math]58 deg[/math]
  4. [math]32 deg[/math]
Grade 4 Angles
Grade 4 Angles CCSS: 4.G.A.1
Grade 4 Angles CCSS: 4.G.A.1
Which is formed by two rays with the same endpoint?
  1. angle
  2. intersecting lines
  3. regular polygon
  4. ray
Grade 4 Angles CCSS: 4.MD.C.7
One angle has [math]10deg[/math] more than another angle.
The sum of the angles is [math]90deg[/math]. How many degrees are in each angle?
  1. [math]80deg,10deg[/math]
  2. [math]40deg,50deg[/math]
  3. [math]45deg,45deg[/math]
  4. [math]30deg,30deg[/math]
Grade 5 Angles
Which are possible degree measures of an obtuse angle?
  1. [math]110deg[/math]
  2. [math]123deg[/math]
  3. [math]125deg[/math]
  4. [math]13deg[/math]
  5. [math]56deg[/math]
  6. [math]130deg[/math]
  7. [math]90deg[/math]
  8. [math]115deg[/math]
Grade 4 Angles
Lines that intersect to form right angles are called
  1. Parallel Lines
  2. Perpendicular Lines
  3. Congruent Lines
  4. Purple lines
Grade 6 Angles
B is called the
Complementary Angle #2
  1. point
  2. endpoint
  3. vertex
  4. midpoint
Grade 10 Angles
An angle that measures exactly 90 degrees.
  1. acute
  2. obtuse
  3. straight
  4. complementary
  5. none of the above
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