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None Neuroscience Questions

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None Neuroscience
A stroke causes damage to the
  1. heart
  2. brain
  3. heart and brain
  4. kidneys
None Neuroscience
Multiple Sclerosis is a
  1. Condition
  2. Disease
  3. Part of the brain
  4. Cancer
None Neuroscience
What is common in people with multiple sclerosis?
  1. light sensitivity
  2. motion sickness
  3. heat sensitivity
  4. the flu
None Neuroscience
What is Dementia?
  1. Another term for Alzheimer's disease.
  2. A decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life.
  3. A disease involving memory loss that is entirely separate from Alzheimer's disease.
None Neuroscience
When communicating with a person who has Dementia, you should:
  1. ask a lot of direct questions that rely on a good memory;
  2. tell the person what they can't do;
  3. listen and provide reassurance; or
  4. correct their incorrect statements.
None Neuroscience
Which term means the surgical repair of a nerve?
  1. neuroplasty
  2. neurorrhaphy
  3. neuralgia
  4. polyneuritis
None Neuroscience
What type of memory loss would be cause for concern?
  1. You forget the way to your local supermarket.
  2. You forget where you last put your keys.
  3. You forget the name of a person you met last week, then remember it a few hours later.
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