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None Microbiology Questions

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None Microbiology
Prokaryotes are unlike all other organisms in that their cells                    
  1. lack nuclei.
  2. have organelles.
  3. have cell walls.
  4. lack nucleic acids.
None Microbiology
Bacteria reproduce asexually by                .
  1. binary fission.
  2. spores.
  3. conjugation.
  4. fixation.
None Microbiology
None Microbiology
None Microbiology
None Microbiology
None Microbiology
Which of the following conditions is NOT a disease caused by a virus?
  1. mumps
  2. common cold
  3. tuberculosis
  4. respirator infection
None Microbiology
Bacteria that contain chlorophyll "a" belong in the group                 .
  1. archaebacteria.
  2. cyanobacteria.
  3. chemoautotrophs.
  4. pathogens.
None Microbiology
None Microbiology
What does Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) cause the immune system to do?
  1. break down
  2. speed up
  3. work intermittently
  4. continue working properly
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